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Cash Games in Poker

The poker takes many intriguing forms but this game is always the favourite in many people’s heart. I have seen thousands of people making a living by playing poker games but still it comes to their own personal preference over the game. There are a variety of poker games to play and there are variations even in betting. The two main forms of the poker games are the cash games and the tournament games. In cash games, the main target is the money. Cash games are played to win more money whereas in tournament games, prestige plays the most important role.

Difference between Cash Games and Tournament

There are some fundamental differences in playing the two games while the basic rule remains the same. Let’s look into some of the differences.

While Cash games can be played only on one table at a time, in tournament games, the player has the opportunity to play in multiple tables

In Tournament games, all the players who sit in the table are given the same number of chips as players can buy-in only for the same amount. But in cash games, depending on the stakes, player can exchange money for chips

Cash games can be quit at any point of time when the player wishes to, and the chips can be exchanged for cash. But in tournament, the game ends when there is one winner.

In a tournament, if you have all the chips in the game, then you are out of the game but in cash games, you can buy more chips whenever you want.

Becoming Successful in Cash Games

Playing a cash game is easy. But to make more money in a cash game, you need more practise. Here are some success mantras to take your game to the next level.

Even if it is a no-limit game, learn to divide the money you have planned to spend for the game by 20 that will give the amount you can risk to play the game. If you buy anything for a much lesser amount, you are playing a defensive game and it won’t help you out.

Dominate the game and take control of the situation. Putting pressure on the opponents and make people call you when you have the winning hand is the secret to win the game. Poker is a game where the player with the most momentum wins the game.

Short-handed games teach us a lot more in playing intense games. You need a bigger bankroll to play this type of game and the competition is also very high in this type. But the opportunity to learn more is also high. Once you get a knack of this game, it is easier to earn more money in this type than the full ring games.

When you bet, think twice before betting with low full houses and flushes as someone could easily beat. Going to play bluffs? Then select the correct opponent and play as if you have the hand

If you lose the game, do not be hard on yourself. As a player, do remember that you are evolving and in the learning process. These are all just lessons to make you a better player in a long run.

Position is the key. When the stack size grows, then it is time to look at your position at the table and be attentive to what hands you can play.

Why many People prefer Cash Games?

Cash games are the best way to practise the game.

  • Cash games can be played at any time with any number of players up to 6.

  • You can start the game with as much little as you have

  • There is no start or end time for a cash game. Want to play short? Your choice. Want to play for a longer duration? Not a problem.


It is up to the player to decide the type of the game to play whether it is cash games or tournament games. Each type has its own strategies and lessons to learn. We have seen normal player becoming pros – be it in winning tournaments or at the cash tables. Make good money and have lots of fun because having fun is definitely worth the trouble!